Baked Salmon Steaks

Baked salmon steaks create a great low calorie, low carbohydrate meal.  They are also easier to cook than salmon fillets because usually the steaks are thicker and there is less chance of overcooking the salmon.

Salmon steaks are cut from the center of the fish as opposed to being filleted lengthwise along the length of the fish.  These steaks will almost always have the bone of the fish left in and this can actually enhance the flavor of your meal as the natural juices from the bones of the fish blend with the flavor of the spices that you have added to your salmon steak recipe.

Of course one of the cardinal rules of baking salmon steaks or any fish for that matter is not to overcook it.  Most people cook their fish too much, and as a result they are unaccustomed to how wonderful properly cooked fish can taste.  The slightest bit of overcooking will dramatically reduce the flavor and texture of your meal.

Baked salmon steak recipes reduce the opportunity for overcooking because they are generally thicker, have the additional oils from the bone, and in many cases the skin from the salmon steak will cook along with the fish.  As long as you use the right spices with your steaks you can enhance the strong flavor of the salmon and make it an excellent meal even for the most discriminating person.

The most common baked salmon recipes include your favorite spices and seasonings and then place the salmon in a baking dish in the oven.  Another method is to bake the salmon steaks on a platter in your BBQ. Because the salmon steaks are in a dish or platter and cook in their own juices the flavor will be slightly different than if you cook the steaks directly on the grill in your BBQ.